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Sustainability at Schools

Oregon Institute of Technology
Oregon Renewable Energy Center

Oregon State University:
Institute for Water and Watersheds
Crop and Soil Science
Environmental Studies Program
Institute for Natural Resources
Looking for Oregon's Future: What is Sustainability?
Oregon Invests!
Oregon Sea Grant
Sustainable Forestry Partnership
Sustainable Business Initiative

Portland State University
Sustainability at PSU
College of Urban and Public Affairs
School of Urban Studies and Planning
Master of International Management (Global Business and Sustainability)

University of Oregon
Sustainability Leadership Workshops and Certificate Program
Facilities and Sustainability
Green Chemistry
Program for Watershed and Community Health
Institute for a Sustainable Environment

Classes and Programs

Sustainability Leadership Workshops and Certificate Program
The UO Sustainability Leadership Program offers a series of non-credit, professional development workshops on sustainability practices. Workshops provide basic foundations for the development of sustainability measures and focus on the successful implementation and application of sustainability initiatives.

Launched in 2003, the program has served nearly 700 people from over 200 organizations. Participants come from a variety of professional backgrounds and represent a broad range of industries that include government agencies, private businesses, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions.

More information can be found at http://center.uoregon.edu/sustainability or send an .

Undergraduate, graduate, professional and certificate
Portland State University offers a range of programs in sustainability. A run through PSU's sustainability-dedicated website http://www.sustain.pdx.edu for descriptions, details and schedules is recommended.

Oregon Green Schools Association
Saving Resources One School at a Time

Oregon Green Schools is a nonprofit organization that was formed in 1997. Regional Oregon Green Schools coordinators are located throughout the state and nearly 200 schools participate in the program.

The regional coordinators help schools establish and maintain waste reduction and resource conservation programs by providing assistance with waste audits, guidance and training for new programs, curriculum resources and grant opportunities.

Schools are recognized for their accomplishments with various accolades on three progressive levels: Green, Merit, and Premier. Representatives from all member schools are invited to attend the annual Oregon Green Schools Summit where participants celebrate successes, gain new skills, generate enthusiasm and share ideas. The location of the annual summit changes from year to year.

The Board of Directors generally meets on the fourth Thursday of the month from 10:00 a.m. until noon in Wilsonville. Anyone interested in attending a meeting or desiring information about Oregon Green Schools is encouraged to contact Freda Sherburne, Chairperson, at (503) 797-1522 or via . Visit Oregon Green Schools Association online at http://www.oregongreenschools.org .

Master of International Management at Portland State University

The Master of International Management is an accredited degree program through the Portland State University School of Business Administration that focuses on the dynamic marketplace of Asia. The one-year full time or two-year part time degree program provides students with the international business skills needed to broaden career opportunities and prepare for leadership roles in global business.

The Master of International Management offers a specialization entitled Global Business and Sustainability designed to equip students with the knowledge and tools to work in companies and industries with increasing environmental and social pressures. With an increasing awareness of global social issues graduates are prepared to make more informed choices and analyze complex situations on a global scale.

For more information on the Master of International Management and the Global Business and Sustainability specialization, please visit http://www.mim.pdx.edu


EEAO's 2003 Excellence in Environmental Education Awards
The Environmental Education Association of Oregon began in 1975 and strives to foster an environmentally literate citizenry with the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about natural resources. Every year EEAO recognizes an Educator , an Organization , and a School Program that have contributed greatly to environmental education in Oregon.
[ See 2003 Awardees! ]

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