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Government & Sustainability

The concept of sustainability envisions people meeting their current needs in ways that enable future generations to also meet theirs. A growing number of citizens, businesses, universities and governments are seeing this integration of economic, environmental and community solutions as an effective way to solve problems and reduce risks.

Historically we have tended to approach problems individually, selecting strategies that are expedient in the short term but inefficient, ineffective or harmful over the long term. As a result, yesterday's "solutions" may be at the root of today's problems. Sustainable solutions ask us to think more broadly and further ahead.

Oregon's state and local governments, and the citizens they represent, must make long-term investments in stable and healthy economies, communities and environments. Strategies that address multiple factors can provide solutions that are more effective and efficient, especially over the long-term, than traditional approaches. The results are often satisfying for all those involved.

Internal Government Operation Objectives

Recommended by the Workgroup on Sustainability

In May of 2000, an Executive Order directed state government to become a leader in sustainable practices. Oregon is, after all, a very large business with 40,000 employees and a $6 billion annual budget. The state directs investments for economic development; consumes reams of paper; builds offices, buys power, paves roads, and manages forests, parks and rangeland. State government leaves a big footprint on the face of Oregon.

Many opportunities exist for Oregon to implement more sustainable practices in its internal operations. Ten objectives have been adopted.

Initial Report to the Oregon State Assembly [Full Report]

State Agency Sustainability Updates

Oregon state agencies have a long history of working to achieve a balance between Oregon's environment, economy, and its communities. However, this notion of striving towards sustainability by examining state government's own ecologic footprint was heightened with Executive Order 00-07 and continues today with Governor Kulongoski's Executive Order 03-03 .

State Agencies are currently working on Sustainability Action Plans for 2004-05. When the plans are complete, they will be reflected in the Agency Reports below.

To submit an update for your agency, please email us .

Oregon State Policy Promoting Sustainability

Check out the State of Oregon's Sustainable State Facilities Standards & Guidelines website.

Waste Watcher

The Waste Watcher Newsletter is a fun quarterly e-publication of DAS. It shares stories, tips, projects and updates of resource conservation and sustainability by state agencies.

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